Tortola has helped many businesses reverse negative  trends, coordinate financial restructurings, or access capital.

  • Crisis and Interim Management – Tortola can serve in a variety of interim management roles including CEO, President, CFO, Treasurer, Controller or CRO in order to stabilize a challenging environment, bring credibility to a damaged circumstance, and in order to develop and execute a way forward for operating companies.
  • Bankruptcy Support Services – When necessary, Tortola provides planning and preparatory advice to companies contemplating Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Post filing, Tortola assists with monthly operating reports, cash flow reports, budgets, expense rationalization, key stakeholder communication, and helps navigate through the process toward a conclusion.
  • Creditor and Investor Advisory Services – Tortola can assist creditors, creditors’ committees, investors, private equity funds, landlords, and other stakeholders in evaluating a distressed circumstance and in recommending strategies to maximize recovery or realize value.
  • Operational Improvement/Performance Enhancement – By immersing itself into a distressed circumstance, Tortola can identify strategies and opportunities to improve business performance going forward.
  • Financial Restructuring – With our knowledge of the credit markets, contracts, and debt instruments, Tortola negotiates on behalf of debtors to restructure financial agreements and other obligations in order to maximize the chance of success for the enterprise moving forward.