Tortola also works with healthy, thriving businesses that have unique issues or complex projects that need focus, planning and execution – all of which needs to occur with no disruption to the core business.

  • Special Situations – Sometimes, a business may have a circumstance requiring quiet and thoughtful planning. A dispute with a partner, an issue with succession, governance, or the need to carefully plan for an exit or acquisition. Tortola knows how to navigate these circumstances to minimize risk.
  • Asset Extraction – For investors who would like to acquire an asset that is immersed in distressed circumstances, Tortola can advise and design and implement strategies to extract the asset cleanly and efficiently.
  • Strategic Acquisitions – For operating companies who would like to acquire a struggling competitor or strategic business that has fallen into distress, Tortola can advise the acquirer and design and implement strategies to effect a transaction.
  • Forensic Accounting/Due Diligence – Tortola can assist a strategic acquirer or investor in evaluating a distressed circumstance that lacks financial transparency or a circumstance where malfeasance is suspected.